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30 Days No Wheat Fast – Day #4

wheat belly tiredI can safely say that the wheat that I ate in that cake yesterday, affected me negatively this morning. When I got up this morning I was still tired and felt like I hadn’t slept all night. I yawned uncontrollably all morning. In addition, I had huge dark circles around my eyes from the lack of sleep.

There was nothing that I did differently to account for this adverse reaction other than eat a lot of wheat. My husband and I would usually treat ourselves to generous servings of black forest cake on Saturday nights. Whenever we would do so, I would always feel very tired in the morning and would usually end up waking up very late on a Sunday morning. This is exactly how I felt this morning. It has to be the wheat that was causing me to feel so tired like I hadn’t slept for an entire 24 hours.

Anyway, I fought the sleepy feeling because I had work that I needed to get done. The rest of the day went quite well. I managed to go for the entire day without eating any wheat and I am really happy that I managed to do so. I didn’t do my workout today but I will make up for it before the week ends.

For breakfast I had oats porridge sprinkled with ripe banana cubes. I had instant chocolate for my beverage.

For lunch I had stew chicken, steamed callaloo and rice and peas. I forgot to take out the kidney beans since they don’t work well with my blood type. I will remember that next time. For a beverage, I had pineapple flavoured Tang.

Dinner was wonderful and I had stew chicken, boiled yellow yam and steamed pak choi. All in all I did get a good amount of veggies in today. And the fact they they were dark green and leafy means that they were choc full of all the right nutrients.

I am beginning to wonder how I am going to manage eating out with wheat restrictions. The Jamaican diet is largely comprised of wheat products in the form of flour. Not to mention that I normally tend to go straight for burgers when I need to grab something to eat on the road. I guess, I will have to have the burger meat without having the buns if push comes to shove. I should be attending a function soon and I really wonder how I’m going to resist the usual pastry  hors douvres  (did I spell that right?). Whatever happens, I have made up my mind that I will not eat wheat voluntarily except in dire circumstances. Lord, help me!

Until next time, take care 😉

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30 Days Wheat Free Fast – Day #3

wheat craving wheat fast
That darn cake!

The cravings for wheat were unbelievable today! Donuts looked so attractive to me today….I mean they looked so sexy to me!

While I resisted the urge to indulge in those donuts that were beckoning to me from the vendor’s trolley, I must admit that I cheated today. Yes, I am not proud to say it but I cheated.

I had a slice of my son’s birthday cake that he had left over from his birthday this Sunday. And I know I said that I wouldn’t keep any flour in the house but I couldn’t figure out what to do with the rest of the cake…..Well I knew I could give it away but really I didn’t want to.

So instead I pushed it to the back of the refrigerator hoping that since it was out of sight it would be out of mind. And it was until my son found it and asked me for a slice. Why this temptation Lord?

Why did that boy have to find that cake and come and tempt me in my moment of weakness? I convinced myself that it was just a small slice and that one single slice would do no harm.

Hmmmm, Eve figured that a single bite of the apple wouldn’t have hurt either. Anyway, I am not going to beat myself up too much over that. I am moving on because despite my shortcomings today, I am still determined to give up wheat. This wheat belly has got to go!

On the positive side, I did manage to get in lots of exercise today. I walked for a half an hour in the morning and then in the evening I did my 30 minutes aerobics and strength training session. I enjoyed it but my shoulders are still aching from this wheat fast.

Apart from the cake, I didn’t do too badly in terms of eating either. Here’s what I had today.


Oats porridge (Yes, porridge again)

Chocolate (cocoa) tea


Steamed white rice and corned beef (Not the best choice of protein but that’s the easiest thing I could prepare considering how hungry I was feeling)

Orange flavoured Tang for a beverage


Stew Chicken, boiled yam and boiled bananas with a slice of avocado pear. I also had a ripe banana for fruit.

So I am noticing a trend here. Firstly that I really don’t eat enough vegetables and secondly that I tend to eat my fruits with my last meal instead of with breakfast. Strange.

Anyhow, my wheat fast is in full swing and I WILL NOT QUIT! But I need to do better. I need to keep a good stock of acceptable foods on hand so that I don’t yield to temptation. And I must eat more vegetables. I must. No more wheat belly for me. Anniversary is coming up in December and I will not look like this when that day arrives. I refuse to.

That’s all for now people.

Until tomorrow, take care :)!