Thrive gluten-free Shake Mix smoothie
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Best Gluten-Free Protein Powder for Weight Management

If you are trying to lose weight healthily, you need to consider including a gluten-free protein shake as an essential part of your health and fitness regime. There are many benefits to using a protein shake, but if you have gluten sensitivity, you need to take a shake that does not contain any gluten.

Gluten sensitivity symptoms include constant bloating and gas, abdominal pain, diarrhea and abdominal cramping. Since most foods which are made from wheat contain gluten, eliminating wheat from your diet may help to alleviate the symptoms associated with gluten sensitivity. Apart from being annoying, these issues can really hamper your weight loss efforts. This is why it is essential to use a gluten-free protein powder if you choose to use a protein shake as part of your health regime.

The best gluten-free protein powder for both men and women is hands down, the Thrive Premium Lifestyle Shake Mix which is available in delicious vanilla and chocolate flavours. Hmmmm, if you love chocloate then you’ll definitely love this gluten-free protein shake mix.

Thrive gulten-free Premium Lifestyle Shake Mix
Thrive gluten-free Premium Lifestyle Shake Mix

Apart from being gluten-free, the Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix is ultra micronized. All this means is that it won’t clump up like other protein mixes when you try to mix it. It mixes very easily and you end up with a very smooth, very delicious protein mix. It is delicious by itself but if you feel like making a smoothie, you can add your favourite fruits to it and blend it for a treat for your taste buds.

The Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix is a nutrient-dense formula that is formulated to provide lean muscle support and to aide in your weight-loss efforts. While men usually take protein shakes to gain muscles, women use protein shakes to help with weight loss.

This delicious, gluten-free protein mix is also infused with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, enzymes, amino acids and probiotics. So it is going to provide you with everything your body needs to maintain or build muscle mass as well as support digestion and gut health.  Have this protein shake mix once per day and you are well on your way to having a great day.

The probiotics will definitely help to balance the bacteria in your stomach so that you have fewer intestinal issues such as bloating or gas or constipation and diarrhea. Here is a delicious recipe that you can try using the Thrive Premium Lifestyle Shake Mix:


8 oz. Almond Milk

1 scoop Thrive Premium Lifestyle Protein Shake Mix

1 Banana or any fruit of your choice

A few ice cubes


Blend all ingredients together and enjoy!

Thrive gluten-free Shake Mix smoothie
Thrive gluten-free Shake Mix smoothie…delicious!

For the best results, the Thrive gluten-free Premium Lifestyle Shake Mix should be used along with the Thrive Premium Lifestyle Capsules and the Thrive DFT patches.

Learn More About Thrive Premium Lifestyle Shake Mix

Contact me for a 3-day sample pack (US$20) which contains 1 packet of the Thrive Premium Lifestyle Protein Shake Mix, 2 packets of the Premium Lifestyle Capsules (1 female pack, 1 male pack) and 2 trendy DFT patches. Please use the word “Sample” in the subject when you complete the form.

NB: Samples are only available for persons in the USA and Canada


8 Weeks Fitness Challenge – Day 6

I got some great news today. My order of Thrive has shipped and I should be receiving it in the next few days. Yes! For those of you who don’t know what Thrive is, it is a weight management system that incorporates the latest technology – Dermafusion technology or DFT for short. The product line includes Thrive formulated for women which helps with weight management, cognitive performance, joint support, inflammation support, an antiaging and antioxidant blend, lean muscle support and digestive and immune support. As if that was not enough by itself, the Thrive product line also comes with the Premium Lifestyle mix which is gluten free and has a probiotic blend and the Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT which is the one that I am really, really excited about. This is in the form of a neat little patch that you just paste to any area on the body you choose. It works as an all natural time release and it helps with mental clarity and metabolic support among other benefits. Here is what it looks like:

thrive patch

I don’t particularly like taking tablets so this should work great for me. I am excited about this but I will have to wait and see how the products work before I give any reviews. My husband is a health and fitness instructor and he thinks these products have great potential based on the ingredients and the technology so I am going to try them. Usually I am very skeptical about taking tablets for weight loss but I like the idea of the patch and the protein shakes which should help me to maintain muscle mass. I don’t think I will be taking the tablets.

As you all know, as we get older, we start losing muscle mass and that is why we tend to put on weight so quickly. All that muscle mass is replaced with fat.

So now let’s talk about my workout. As you may have noticed, I missed yesterday 😦 I tried but I was just too tired. But today, I got in my full 30 minutes of an intense body weight workout with no weights or any other type of equipment. It was challenging on my legs and my core especially but I pushed through to the very end. I had my 8 glasses of water and I had my fruits so I feel great about that. I also cut down my portions but I still have not yet managed to cut out the white flour. As soon as I go grocery shopping that problem will be resolved. I actually enjoy the taste of brown (wheat) flour so that should be easy to implement. I hope my sons realize that this means brown flour for them too. They like the brown flour in dumplings but they are not fans of brown bread. I guess they will get used to it after awhile.

So that’s what happened today….day 6 already. I hope you guys are doing your own thing to get fit n fabulous. Share your thoughts with me in the comment box below. Until tomorrow, latah!

Oh, I stole this term from a trainer……

Sweat is sexy!

So get sweating!