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Wheat Belly Fast – Week 1 Update and Results

Basking in the sun on the north coast
Basking in the sun on the north coast

So it’s official. I have been on my wheat belly fast for approximately one week! It has been something very new for me but also very exciting and it has given me a goal to work towards.

This weekend I took a mini vacation to the north coast and it was absolutely wonderful! I did inform my host beforehand that I am on wheat free regimen and she tried her best to cater to my wheat-free requirements. However, I know it wasn’t easy for her to find food to feed me sometimes. I am really grateful to her for accommodating me and my special requirements. While I ate wheat free, my husband and my son didn’t. They had whatever their little hearts desired.

I had some very healthy meals that were both aesthetically appealing and appealing to the tastebuds. On Friday night when we arrived, my host fed us with Kentucky Fried Chicken. I admit it wasn’t the healthiest choice but at least I didn’t have to eat any wheat.

Wheat free breakfast
Saturday Morning Breakfast – Saltfish, boiled bananas, boiled yello yam, fried plantain, and avocado pear

Saturday morning was when the fun begun. We were treated like royalty as we were served a scrumptious breakfast consisting of saltfish, boiled bananas, boiled yellow yam, fried plantains and avocado pear. It was heavenly! I felt so good afterwards and did not suffer from lethargy nor heaviness. For my beverage I had Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee with cream. It doesn’t get much better than that people!

We skipped lunch because we got so caught up in watching a movie that we didn’t realize how late it was. By the time the movie was done we had to head straight out to a planned function.

You can imagine how hungry we became sitting through the 3 hour long function after not having any lunch. This was something I was not prepared for and had to settle for a chicken sandwich to keep the hunger at bay. That would suffice for dinner. I only ate one half of the bread in order to cut down on the wheat as best I could under the circumstances.

Sunday was the best day where eating was concerned. Again, I had a very healthy and delicious breakfast consisting on cornmeal porridge, ripe banana slices, avocado slices, tomato slices and lettuce.  Here is what it looked like:

wheat free breakfast
Healthy wheat free breakfast – Cornmeal porridge, banana slices, avocado pear slices, tomato slices and lettuce


I spent the rest of the time basking in the sun, enjoying good conversation and just enjoying the great north coast view.

After a week of being on my wheat free diet, I am very very pleased with what has happened so far. I was not perfect this week as there were a few times when I did indulge and give way to my wheat craving. A lot of it could be blamed on the fact that I was not adequately prepared, however.

Going forward, I will be better prepared since I now know that sticking to a wheat free diet requires substantial planning and organization.

I am very very pleased to report that I have lost 3/4 of an inch from my waist during the week! For me this is a huge accomplishment considering how hard it has been for me to lose weight from my waist in the past. Plus, I didn’t follow the wheat free fast strictly and I also only managed to exercise 3 days for the week when I would normally exercise at least 5 days per week.

So I realize that wheat was in fact contributing a lot to my not being able to have a flat stomach and not being able to lose weight in my mid-section. I would probably have lost another 1/2 and inch if I had followed the diet strictly and had exercised my usual 5 sessions.

These results are really encouraging and I look forward to what week 2 holds. My waist now measures 30 3/4 inches down from 31 1/2 inches 7 days ago. This alone makes up for the wheat withdrawal symptoms that I experienced at the beginning of the week.

Those symptoms have pretty much subsided now.

I am looking forward to bigger and better things in the coming weeks.

Until next time, take care people and eat well :)!


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30 Days Lose the Wheat Belly Fast

wheat fast
Roasted breadfruit, ackee and saltfish, steamed calaloo and avocado pear

Hey hey hey! I am about to embark on my 30 Day Lose the Wheat Belly Challenge and I am very excited about it. Today is officially the first day, although I started unofficially on Saturday when I went shopping in order to prepare for this challenge.

Why I Decided to Go on A Wheat Fast

If you follow my blog, you know that I have a challenge losing the extra fat around my waist. I have tried numerous different strategies including taking diet supplements but the results have not been lasting.

I would lose inches only to have them pile back on. And it certainly is not for lack of exercise. I exercise diligently and see great results on other areas on my body. But when it comes to my abdominals/belly, I can never seem to make a breakthrough.

I have been reading Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s book about eating right for your blood type and I fully buy into his argument that different blood types react differently to different foods.

In his book, Dr. D’Adamo points out that wheat is not good for persons with type O blood. According to the goodly doctor, wheat gluten¬† interferes with insulin efficiency and also slows the metabolic rate.

I have also been reading Dr. William Davis’ blog about the harmful effects that wheat can have on the body and I have decided that this is something I need to look into.

More importantly, I have decided to go on this wheat fast for more serious health issues. Recently I did a diagnostic scan and I realized that my insulin levels were above the normal range. I repeated the test 4 weeks after the first test and the results were the same. My insulin levels were above the normal range when tested 2 hours after I ate.

Diabetes scares me. But I am at risk for developing diabetes because both my parents actually have diabetes. This is not a disease that I want to contend with. It has been shown that wheat has a very high glycemic index. Glycemic Index is a scale that rates food between 1 and 100 based on their effect on blood sugar levels.

The higher the glycemic index, the more that food raises the blood sugar level. Wheat has a very high glycemic index of about 75. This means that it raises the blood sugar level very quickly and very easily, causing a spike in insulin levels.

Foods with glycemic indices at or below 55 don’t cause the release of insulin into the blood stream. The fact that I consume wheat every single day and usually have 2 meals with wheat products everyday, I know that the wheat is a very likely culprit for my high insulin levels.

Apart from that wheat has been shown to have negative effects on the brain leading to memory loss and even depression. The fact that I have been suffering more and more from brain fog and short term memory loss has made me really pay attention to what is happening within my body when I eat.

I have family members who have cut out whole wheat from their diets because they tend to suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and have negative reactions to wheat products. Since I have been reading up more about wheat I realize that the effects of wheat on the body tends to run in families.

I tend to believe that it runs in families because families usually eat the same way, consuming the same food. So I believe it is more of a lifestyle issue rather than a genetic issue. But that’s just my opinion.

Anyway, based on all the evidence stacked up against wheat, I have decided to cut it out of my diet for an initial period of 30 days and then make a lifestyle decision based on what happens.

My Approach to the Wheat Fast

So I went shopping on Saturday to get items that are wheat free. I have decided that I will not have any flour in my house for the next 30 days. Neither will I have any biscuits or other wheat snacks in my cupboard.

It was not easy finding items that do not contain wheat. In fact, it seems like the vast majority of carbohydrates that I consume are made with wheat. Anyway, I managed to get a few items that were wheat free.

What I couldn’t get over was how expensive wheat free products are. My goodness, it’s as if you have to be rich to have a diet that does not include wheat. Nevertheless, I am determined to stay wheat free for the next 30 days.

ground provisions for wheat fastThe good thing about living in Jamaica is that we grow lots of ground provisions and produce that are excellent replacements for wheat. We have an abundance of yams, and green bananas, pumpkins, breadfruit, cocoa, cassava, dasheens and much more. This makes it a bit easier I think. So instead of making dumplings I will just prepare one of these ground provisions instead.

I have already cut out dairy from my diet because I discovered long ago that I am lactose intolerant. So I will continue with this.

Whether my family likes it or not, they will be included in this journey. My son is already rebelling because he longs for his biscuits and fried dumplings but I know that in the long run, we will all be better for it.

My Wheat Free Day #1

Here is what I ate today:


For breakfast I had boiled yellow yam and Grace Mackerel. For a hot beverage I had Tetley Honey Lemon Ginseng Green Tea. I also had a few slices of pineapple as fruit.

Looking back I think I overdosed a little on caffeine today. The multivitamin that I take contains both guarana and green tea caffeine. After I drank the tea, I read the label and realized that it too contains caffeine. So I won’t make that mistake again. As of tomorrow I will have cocoa instead of tea.


For lunch I had some of the boiled yam that was left over from breakfast along with sardines and Tang for mt beverage. I also had a piece of watermelon for fruit.


For dinner I was not at home and I ended up getting fried chicken with potato wedges. Not the healthiest meal but it was the best I could do considering it was a public holiday and most places were closed.

I realize that I didn’t get any vegetables today. This is an area that I have to make a concerted effort to improve in. Tomorrow I will be sure to have adequate servings of vegetables.

Waist measurement

For this wheat fast I will be monitoring my waist measurement in order to gauge my progress. Today my waist measured 31.5 inches.

I felt pretty great today. I did not get hungry as quickly as I normally do which is a good sign. I also did not feel sleepy after eating. Because I was out on the road, I did not get a chance to exercise today.

Let’s see what tomorrow holds!


Don’t Tell Me Not to Eat Red Meat!

roast beef red meat
Stew beef ready to eat!

Please refrain from telling me not to eat red meat. Now I have just about had it with all the wagonists who are telling me that red meat is bad for me because it contains all types of bad fats and what not!

Okay okay let me calm down here. Really what I want to say is that the argument about red meat being bad for you is flawed.

Yes, flawed….seriously flawed.

The fact is that red meat is not bad for EVERYBODY. It is only bad for some people whose bodies cannot digest it properly. When some people eat red meat, it slows down their metabolism and they end up feeling sluggish with little energy.

This is because these people have a blood type that does not tolerate meat very well. What does blood type have to do with anything? It has everything to do with this.

You see, I have type O blood and because of this my body actually thrives when I eat red meat and animal protein in general. Red meat speeds up my metabolism while it does the opposite to someone with type A blood.

This came as quite a surprise to me but I have proven it to be very true. You see, I am a type O and my husband is a type A. Whenever I prepare beef, although we both enjoy it equally, my husband always tends to fall asleep soon afterwards while I have lots and lots of energy!

Who would have thought that your blood type would affect how your body reacts to food?

I have been reading Dr. Peter Adamo’s book “Eat Right For Your Type” and it is very eye-opening and answers many questions about why some people have difficulty losing weight even though they follow all the so-called ‘good’ eating advice out there.

The fact is that there is no one diet that is suitable for everybody. You will hear people say “eat lots of fruits and vegetables” and this is supposed to apply to everybody.

While it is generally good to eat fruits and vegetables, taking it to the extreme by becoming a vegetarian, for example, can actually be unhealthy if you are an O blood type that thrives on animal protein.

beef burger red meat
Beef burger

While someone with the ‘A’ blood type can thrive by consuming mostly vegetables, other blood types can actually suffer if they follow suit.

In his book, Dr. Adamo recounted a case where a 52 year old woman with type O blood was suffering from heart disease. She was told by numerous doctors to reduce her intake of red meat and she had taken their advice.

Her diet consisted largely of grains and fish and olive oil. Regardless, she continued to suffer from heart disease. When she consulted Dr. Adamo, he told her to start incorporating lean red meat in her diet and to reduce her intake of wheat. She was also told to include strength training exercises as a part of her regimen.

Needless to say she was very skeptical given all that she had heard about avoiding red meat and about the health benefits of wheat. Long story short, within 6 months of following a diet that was appropriate for her blood type, her cholesterol level had fallen significantly without medication. She was able to come off all medication and no longer suffered from heart disease!

Simply because she changed her diet to include foods that were good for her blood type.

So don’t fall victim to the hype about red meat being bad for you. It may actually be good for you! If you have type O blood like me, don’t let anybody tell you that you shouldn’t eat red meat.

I highly recommended Dr. Adamo’s book. It is available on Amazon in Kindle, paperback and hardcover.

Until next time, take care :)! I’m off to go enjoy my Saturday evening stew beef (wink wink)!