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Better Health the Natural Way


I am at that age in life where I am more concerned about being healthy than I am about looking great. Yeah, I’m at that stage in life where I have started waking up with little aches and pains, and starting to feel pain in places I only used to hear old people talk about! What??

I do not consider myself old my any means but ever since I hit the big 4-0, it’s like things have gotten a bit rusty all over. And since I want to continue enjoying a healthy lifestyle, I decided to really get serious about how I eat, how I sleep and how much exercise I get. Most importantly, I have decided to get serious, really serious about supplementation. Because I finally realize that I will never get all the nutrients my body needs from food alone.. No matter how organic or how clean food is, there will still be some nutritional gaps that food simply cannot fill because the quality is just not where it should be.

Dietary Supplement for Better Health

I have always preferred the natural approach to health because I do believe that the good Lord has placed all the body needs to heal itself inside plants and inside our own bodies. But was we age, our bodies don’t function optimally because we eat all kinds of junk and don’t get enough sleep or exercise. And so our bodies respond by getting achy or just plain sick. Here is where taking a good dietary supplement can help the body to heal itself. So I’ve started taking some dietary supplements and I am truly, truly amazed at how great I have been feeling.

I used to get up every morning with back aches and some pain in the hips and sometimes in the knees. I chalked it up to aging but decided that I didn’t want to live with that pain or that feeling for the rest of my life. I still consider myself somewhat young! Yeah, I’m over 40 but I don’t consider myself old at all. And I still want to feel the best I can every single day of my life. So I started taking this great dietary supplement. I take 2 capsules of it just after having breakfast every morning. I started feeling better the very first day I started using this supplement. Here are some of the ways this dietary supplement helped me:

No More Back pain! I can’t tell you how good it felt to wake up in the morning and not have to hobble out of bed because my back felt like I was recovering from some sort of invasive surgery. I mean, I was able to stand up straight and get my exercise done without feeling any pain in my knees or hips and to enjoy my workouts once again. Which leads me to my second point

Greater Endurance and Shorter Workout Recovery

I was greatly thrilled when I realized that I could keep up for much longer with the instructors on the workout videos that I do for my daily workouts. I am no longer huffing and puffing and thinking of stopping after the first 2 minutes into it! I surprised myself when I made it through the first entire 30 minute session without taking all of the 5 or so breaks that I normally have to take. Now I only have to take 1 or 2! Absolutely fantastic!

Another thing I really appreciate about this particular dietary supplement is the fact that I do not experience the usual days and days of muscle soreness after a tough workout. In fact, I hardly feel any soreness at all. Which means that I can now work out longer and take on greater challenges to rebuild lost muscles. This is my kind of supplement!

More Energy….for Everything!

When you have to drag yourself through every single day and fight to stay awake because there are things that need to get done, you know that something is not right. And that is exactly how I used to feel every day. Truth be told, I would wake up tired every morning and go back to bed doubly tired every night. I was not getting any sleep and tossed and turned most nights. Now how many of you know that the longer this goes on, the greater toll it takes on the body and the less able you become to deal with simple daily tasks?

Just a single night without sleep is enough to make you sick. So just imagine sleepless nights for months and months without any relief. It makes you put on weight, it makes you irritable, less able to concentrate and focus, and the list goes on and on. There are no positive effects of not sleeping. So when I was finally able to sleep for at least 8 hours every night, to dream dreams that I haven’t dreamt in a long while and to wake up energized and ready to take on the world, I was hooked. These dietary supplements had me that very first night!

Did I mention that after taking these supplements that I had energy for everything? Yes, everything! Including in the bedroom department if you know what I mean. Needless to say, my husband has become the greatest fan of this dietary supplement because when I take it, let’s just say that I’m much easier to deal with! Lol!


I have found a dietary supplement that has allowed me to regain my life! I feel energized again. I feel motivated again. I feel like I can take on greater challenges and accomplish more in life. My body feels healthy again and my mind feels renewed everyday! There’s not much more that I can ask for in a dietary supplement. It is a natural relief for the issues that come with living life and by simply taking two pills daily, I can improve my quality of living. How great is that? Don’t get envious now. But if you would like to know what it is that is making my life better and what it is I am taking, I would love to share the information. Just fill in the form below and I will get back to you with all the gory details!



Exercise and Weight Loss

Lose Weight – Start Your Thrive Experience Now

Thrive Level Photo

Do you have a desire to lose weight simply and quickly? Are you constantly tired even though you get adequate sleep most nights? Do you suffer from brain fog or forget simple things that you ought not to forget? If your answer is yes, I can definitely relate to how you are feeling. Because that is exactly how I felt until I found Level and Thrive. The Thrive product line has completely changed my life and has helped me to feel better than I have in years! I absolutely love these Level Thrive products are here is why:

Simple 3-step System

You can start your Thrive 8-Week Experience with 3 simple steps:

  • Take 2 Premium Lifestyle capsules on an empty stomach first thing in the morning
  • Take Thrive Premium Lifestyle Ultra Micronized Protein Shake Mix 20 minutes later
  • Apply the Thrive Lifestyle DFT, Derma Fusion Technology to clean, dry skin.

That’s it! You’re done and set for the day! The simplicity of this system is one of the things which I found very appealing and the sheer simplicity of it made it a no-brainer for me to get started quickly. But the best thing about Thrive products are what they can do to help you feel your very best. The system offers all of the following and more:

  • Weight management support – If you want to take control of your weight, this is the system for you. Regardless of your fitness level, there is a Thrive product that can help you to achieve your weight loss goals. Whether you simply want to tone, or you want to drop several pounds, the system is designed to help you get to where you want to be quickly and simply! If you are looking to rev up your weight loss efforts, or go into overdrive, check out the latest DFT Duo!
  • Lean Muscle Support – Build lean, sexy muscles and get rid of excess fat from those hard to tone areas such as the hips, butt and stomach.
  • Immune Support – Help your body fight against diseases and external stressors. Experience optimal health by giving your body the support it needs to keep you functioning at your peak. If you are feeling excessively tired or lethargic, it may be because your immune system is weak and not able to defend your body as it should.
  • Digestive support – Let’s face it. No matter how healthy your diet is, if your body is not absorbing the nutrients properly or digesting that food, you may be fighting a losing battle. Thrive products are formulated to support enhanced absorption and enhanced digestive function so that your body gets the nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the food you eat daily.  The Lifestyle Shake also contains a probiotic and enzyme blend that balances the good bacteria in your body to optimal levels.
  • DFT, Derma Fusion Technology – Thrive’s patent-pending DFT technology is a form of wearable nutrition which releases weight management, appetite management and mood support through the skin. DFT technology enhances the delivery of nutrition as well as enhances bioavailability. Not to mention how cool and fashionable these little things are to wear!

And there is so much more that Thrive has to offer. Getting started is simple. Let’s do this!

Start Your 8-Week Thrive Experience Now!

Click here to open your customer account and start your 8-week Thrive Experience. If this doesn’t fit your budget right now, please feel free to contact me by filling out the form below and I will help you get started on a more affordable, customized sample plan that suits your budget. Whatever, you do, just get started now! I will get back to you in short order. Let’s Thrive together!

Customized Sample Plans

You may choose to purchase a sample plan first before diving into your Thrive 8 week experience. And that’s perfectly okay. Payment for customized samples will be done through Paypal. Here are your sample options:

3-Day Sample $25 – Includes 3 days’ supply of Lifestyle capsules, Lifestyle Shake Mix and DFT

7-Day Sample $42 – Includes 3 days’ supply of Lifestyle capsules, Lifestyle Shake Mix and DFT

15-Day Sample $85 – Includes 15 days’ supply of Lifestyle capsules, Shake Mix and DFT.

Please complete the form below to get started with a sample plan.



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What’s Your Biological Age?

Me biological agePeople often tell me that I look younger than I actually am. When I tell some people my age, they swear that I’m lying. I must admit that I do not look like I am 41 years old. But I don’t think it has anything to do with genes or anything like that. I think it has a lot to do with my every day lifestyle choices. I was thrilled today to learn that my biological age is actually 26! That’s 11 years younger than I actually am! That makes me feel so good. It’s okay to look younger than your age but I think the more important thing is how old you are biologically. How much the cells in your body have aged. Because the truth is that we are all aging every single day. It’s just that some persons age slower than others because of their choices.

So what’s your biological age? You can find out your biological age here by just answering a few questions about your lifestyle. It pays to stay active and to get lots of sleep and to eat right. The more active you are, the more you sleep, and the healthier your food choices, the younger your biological age will be. Even if you find out that your biological age is more than your actual age, there are practical things that you can do to improve it such as incorporating more exercise into your daily schedule, getting sufficient sleep, having a support group and eating a balanced and highly nutritious diet. You can also quit unhealthy habits such as smoking or drinking too much alcohol or even eating too many sweets.

Now I must admit that for me, I sometimes stay up too late working and I also tend to eat very badly sometimes. So those are areas that I definitely need to work on.

From a young age, I had an interest in staying fit and that interest has never waned. If I go several weeks without doing any physical exercise I start to have backaches and my sinusitis tends to flare up. Then I know that it’s definitely time for a workout. So I try to always get some exercise in, even just 15 minutes per day is better than nothing.  No I don’t have the time to go to the gym so I work out at home mostly.

Thank God for blessing me with good health so that I can exercise and stay physically fit. As a matter of fact, I have recently started doing those Insanity workouts! Let me tell you, they are tough! But at the end of the session I feel revitalized and refreshed. Being a type O blood type also, I thrive on vigorous workouts. But exercise not only makes you feel better. It makes you age slower and it makes you look better as well. With all the benefits of exercise why would I allow laziness to rob me of all those great benefits? Why would you allow laziness to rob you of all the great benefits of exercise. Some time ago, my motive for exercising was mostly for looks. Now that I’m older, looks still matter but my health comes first. Because the fact is that I can look like a million bucks but still be unhealthy. Which means doctors visits which means unnecessary spending and unnecessary stress. Things I would rather do without.

When I started this blog, my emphasis was on being ‘fabulous’. Now my emphasis is more on being ‘fit’ but at the end of the day I want both. Let’s lift our glasses to fitness and ‘fabulousness’! Cheers!

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FREE Thrive Thanksgiving Giveaway!


Well, thanksgiving is just a day away and I’m feeling very generous. So I have decided to run a giveaway of my beloved Level Thrive products! Two (2) very lucky persons will get the chance to win a FREE 3 day sample of Thrive products! Winners will receive a pack of our Premium Lifestyle Women’s capsules, a pack of our Premium Lifestyle men’s capsules, 1 packet of Thrive Premium Lifestyle Protein Shake Mix and 2 trendy DFT patches to complete this awesome package.

Thrive Sample Mail Out

The Thrive Premium Lifestyle capsules are an all-natural, premium, naturopathic formula of vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics and amino acids.

Our delicious  protein shake mix provides weight management, fitness and lean muscle support. And our trendy, patent-pending DFT patches provide a time released formula that supports weight management, mental clarity and appetite control all day long!

So here’s what you need to do to be eligible to win Thrive for free today! Entries must be in by 11:59pm (EST) tonight, Wednesday November 25, 2015 in order to qualify. The giveaway is only applicable to those living in the USA.

  1. You need to fill out the contact form below. In the subject line, type “Thanksgiving promotion” and in the comments section indicate that you would like to be entered into the Thrive Thanksgiving Promotion.
  2. Like my fan page on Facebook. Click here to go to my fan page or simply click the “Follow me on Facebook” button to your right.

That’s it! The two (2) lucky winners will be notified by email and will also be announced on this website by tomorrow by 8am (EST). Bookmark this page to keep track of your entries. Sample packages will be mailed to both winners.

Go ahead and get your entry in now! It’s your time to THRIVE! Good luck everyone!


Thrive gluten-free Shake Mix smoothie
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Best Gluten-Free Protein Powder for Weight Management

If you are trying to lose weight healthily, you need to consider including a gluten-free protein shake as an essential part of your health and fitness regime. There are many benefits to using a protein shake, but if you have gluten sensitivity, you need to take a shake that does not contain any gluten.

Gluten sensitivity symptoms include constant bloating and gas, abdominal pain, diarrhea and abdominal cramping. Since most foods which are made from wheat contain gluten, eliminating wheat from your diet may help to alleviate the symptoms associated with gluten sensitivity. Apart from being annoying, these issues can really hamper your weight loss efforts. This is why it is essential to use a gluten-free protein powder if you choose to use a protein shake as part of your health regime.

The best gluten-free protein powder for both men and women is hands down, the Thrive Premium Lifestyle Shake Mix which is available in delicious vanilla and chocolate flavours. Hmmmm, if you love chocloate then you’ll definitely love this gluten-free protein shake mix.

Thrive gulten-free Premium Lifestyle Shake Mix
Thrive gluten-free Premium Lifestyle Shake Mix

Apart from being gluten-free, the Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix is ultra micronized. All this means is that it won’t clump up like other protein mixes when you try to mix it. It mixes very easily and you end up with a very smooth, very delicious protein mix. It is delicious by itself but if you feel like making a smoothie, you can add your favourite fruits to it and blend it for a treat for your taste buds.

The Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix is a nutrient-dense formula that is formulated to provide lean muscle support and to aide in your weight-loss efforts. While men usually take protein shakes to gain muscles, women use protein shakes to help with weight loss.

This delicious, gluten-free protein mix is also infused with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, enzymes, amino acids and probiotics. So it is going to provide you with everything your body needs to maintain or build muscle mass as well as support digestion and gut health.  Have this protein shake mix once per day and you are well on your way to having a great day.

The probiotics will definitely help to balance the bacteria in your stomach so that you have fewer intestinal issues such as bloating or gas or constipation and diarrhea. Here is a delicious recipe that you can try using the Thrive Premium Lifestyle Shake Mix:


8 oz. Almond Milk

1 scoop Thrive Premium Lifestyle Protein Shake Mix

1 Banana or any fruit of your choice

A few ice cubes


Blend all ingredients together and enjoy!

Thrive gluten-free Shake Mix smoothie
Thrive gluten-free Shake Mix smoothie…delicious!

For the best results, the Thrive gluten-free Premium Lifestyle Shake Mix should be used along with the Thrive Premium Lifestyle Capsules and the Thrive DFT patches.

Learn More About Thrive Premium Lifestyle Shake Mix

Contact me for a 3-day sample pack (US$20) which contains 1 packet of the Thrive Premium Lifestyle Protein Shake Mix, 2 packets of the Premium Lifestyle Capsules (1 female pack, 1 male pack) and 2 trendy DFT patches. Please use the word “Sample” in the subject when you complete the form.

NB: Samples are only available for persons in the USA and Canada

TLC Iaso tea
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Total Life Changes (TLC) Launches in Jamaica!

TLC Total Life Changes launches in Jamaica
Total Life Changes (TLC) launch at the Wexford Court Hotel, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending the launch of Total Life Changes (TLC) in Jamaica. Total Life Changes (TLC) is a network marketing company headquartered in the United States and also operating in Mexico, Columbia, El Salvador, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Curacao and Bolivia. Jamaica is their newest market. I attended the Montego Bay meeting and I was thoroughly impressed by the company and by the huge opportunity that has been made available to Jamaicans. I got to meet some of the top leaders in the business and to see firsthand what exactly makes this opportunity so huge and why I need to be a part of it.

The Total Life Changes (TLC) business launched officially in Jamaica on Saturday October 24th at the Wexford Court Hotel in Montego Bay. The evening was jam-packed with presentations about the business opportunity as well as the impressive line of products that the company offers.

TLC Iaso teaI was specially interested in learning about the company’s leading product, the IASO tea. This is a refreshing tea that promises to help you to lose 5 pounds within 5 days! I was blown away by some of the testimonies that were given by ordinary people who had not only dropped 5 lbs in 5 days but who have gone on to lose much more. This refreshing Iaso tea comes in the form of a teabag. Two IASO teabags are added to 4 cups of boiling water and allowed to sit for 8 to 24 hours. Water is then added to make it up to one gallon. It is then ready to serve as a refreshing drink. The Iaso tea should be kept refrigerated and the gallon should serve for a period of 5 days for one person.

At first, the taste was not immediately appealing to me. But I have gotten accustomed to the taste and must admit that it is a very refreshing drink.

Benefits of Iaso Tea by Total Life Changes (TLC)

I am not making any medical claims about the Iaso tea but besides being refreshing, the iaso tea also offers health benefits which include:

  1. Helps with Weight Loss
  2. Reduces stress
  3. Reduces the risk of cancer
  4. Helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases
  5. Fights aging and prevents wrinkling of the skin
  6.  Helps to prevent high blood pressure and obesity
  7. Reduces cholesterol levels
  8. Strengthens the immune system
  9. Reduces the risk of arthritis
  10. Strengthens the bones
  11. Reduces blood sugar levels
  12. Helps to improve memory
  13. Helps to prevent Parkinson’s disease
  14. Fights cavities
  15. Alleviates asthma
  16. Protects against food poisoning
  17. Prevents colds and flu
  18. Helps to fight against herpes
  19. Removes intestinal sludge from the body
  20. Helps to flush parasites from the body

Wow, that’s an impressive list! And these are benefits that you get just by drinking 2 cups of the iaso tea everyday!

TLC Strike Up for men
TLC “Strike Up” for men, TLC Love for Women, TLC Delgada

The company also offers several other products. I know the men will be especially interested in the “Strike Up” which enhances the experience in the bedroom. TLC even offers something for the females called “Love”. My husband loves the “Strike Up” and I must admit that I love it too (covers face, blushing 🙂 These products are 100% natural and really do what they say they do! The TLC Delgada is a slimming coffee for those who prefer coffee to tea. The Delgada contains ganoderma which offers several benefits as well. Click here to learn about the benefits of ganoderma.

Watch this brief overview of Total Life Changes

Earn US$ with Total Life Changes (TLC)

In addition to all the great products offered by TLC, persons have the opportunity to make money by promoting the products. The business pays in several ways including retail commissions, fast start bonuses, hybrid binary commissions based on the number of team members that you bring into the business, 50% cheque match as well as a lifestyle bonus. People are earning good money from this opportunity.

Have you ever had a desire to earn US dollars? TLC presents the perfect opportunity for you to do so. In fact, you could earn $50k by Christmas! Could you do with a extra $50k for Christmas? Total Life Changes (TLC) is offering you the opportunity to earn US dollars in 5 different ways! As the name of the company suggests, this opportunity could totally change your life. When you come on board you have the opportunity to earn:

  1. 50% retail profits from the sale of any of the great products
  2. 50% commission for every person you introduce to the business
  3. 50% check match on the earnings of everyone that you personally sponsor into the business
  4. 10% – 25% commission from all the volume that your teams generate
  5. A lifestyle bonus of $US1,500

Learn more about how you can earn USD with TLC

Want to make a total lifestyle change? RIGHT NOW is the time to get started! This business is growing like wildfire! Click here to learn more about how to start earning USD today!

If you are seeking an easy way to lose weight and you love tea or coffee, you should definitely check out what TLC has to offer. Click here to learn more about Total Life Changes (TLC) and how you can benefit from the great line of products offered. Please feel free to send me a message if you need further information by filling out the form below.


wheat free breakfast
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Wheat Belly Fast – Week 1 Update and Results

Basking in the sun on the north coast
Basking in the sun on the north coast

So it’s official. I have been on my wheat belly fast for approximately one week! It has been something very new for me but also very exciting and it has given me a goal to work towards.

This weekend I took a mini vacation to the north coast and it was absolutely wonderful! I did inform my host beforehand that I am on wheat free regimen and she tried her best to cater to my wheat-free requirements. However, I know it wasn’t easy for her to find food to feed me sometimes. I am really grateful to her for accommodating me and my special requirements. While I ate wheat free, my husband and my son didn’t. They had whatever their little hearts desired.

I had some very healthy meals that were both aesthetically appealing and appealing to the tastebuds. On Friday night when we arrived, my host fed us with Kentucky Fried Chicken. I admit it wasn’t the healthiest choice but at least I didn’t have to eat any wheat.

Wheat free breakfast
Saturday Morning Breakfast – Saltfish, boiled bananas, boiled yello yam, fried plantain, and avocado pear

Saturday morning was when the fun begun. We were treated like royalty as we were served a scrumptious breakfast consisting of saltfish, boiled bananas, boiled yellow yam, fried plantains and avocado pear. It was heavenly! I felt so good afterwards and did not suffer from lethargy nor heaviness. For my beverage I had Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee with cream. It doesn’t get much better than that people!

We skipped lunch because we got so caught up in watching a movie that we didn’t realize how late it was. By the time the movie was done we had to head straight out to a planned function.

You can imagine how hungry we became sitting through the 3 hour long function after not having any lunch. This was something I was not prepared for and had to settle for a chicken sandwich to keep the hunger at bay. That would suffice for dinner. I only ate one half of the bread in order to cut down on the wheat as best I could under the circumstances.

Sunday was the best day where eating was concerned. Again, I had a very healthy and delicious breakfast consisting on cornmeal porridge, ripe banana slices, avocado slices, tomato slices and lettuce.  Here is what it looked like:

wheat free breakfast
Healthy wheat free breakfast – Cornmeal porridge, banana slices, avocado pear slices, tomato slices and lettuce


I spent the rest of the time basking in the sun, enjoying good conversation and just enjoying the great north coast view.

After a week of being on my wheat free diet, I am very very pleased with what has happened so far. I was not perfect this week as there were a few times when I did indulge and give way to my wheat craving. A lot of it could be blamed on the fact that I was not adequately prepared, however.

Going forward, I will be better prepared since I now know that sticking to a wheat free diet requires substantial planning and organization.

I am very very pleased to report that I have lost 3/4 of an inch from my waist during the week! For me this is a huge accomplishment considering how hard it has been for me to lose weight from my waist in the past. Plus, I didn’t follow the wheat free fast strictly and I also only managed to exercise 3 days for the week when I would normally exercise at least 5 days per week.

So I realize that wheat was in fact contributing a lot to my not being able to have a flat stomach and not being able to lose weight in my mid-section. I would probably have lost another 1/2 and inch if I had followed the diet strictly and had exercised my usual 5 sessions.

These results are really encouraging and I look forward to what week 2 holds. My waist now measures 30 3/4 inches down from 31 1/2 inches 7 days ago. This alone makes up for the wheat withdrawal symptoms that I experienced at the beginning of the week.

Those symptoms have pretty much subsided now.

I am looking forward to bigger and better things in the coming weeks.

Until next time, take care people and eat well :)!


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Acidophilus Probiotic in Level Thrive – What’s the Big Deal?

Level Thrive supplement
Level Thrive Premium Lifestyle Capsules containing acidophilus probiotic

Hey girls and guys! As you know I am on my mission to be fit and fabulous and I have recently rediscovered acidophilus probiotic in Level Thrive Premium Lifestyle capsules for Women. I was first introduced to acidophilus probiotic some years ago when I was looking for a good multivitamin. After some searching, I bought a multivitamin with probiotics at a local pharmacy and proceeded to take them as prescribed. Unfortunately, I did not like the results that I got from using that particular multivitamin. I found myself constantly constipated and nothing that I did seemed to relieve the problem. So as you probably guessed, I gave up on them.

Those of you who know me know that I don’t take pills unless I have to and so I was off multivitamins for a while. However, my body would not make me get away with that for too long as I began to feel constantly tired even in the morning after awakening from at least 6 hours of sleep. I eventually gave in a started taking Level Thrive products based on my husband’s recommendations and his high regard for the quality of the products. As you can imagine, I was a bit reluctant to take the Premium Lifestyle capsules for Women because they contain probiotics including L. acidophilus. I was afraid that I would have the same reaction that I did with the other brand that I had first tried.

To my surprise, I absolutely love the Level Thrive supplement for women! I have been using it for several weeks and I have not had any constipation issues as at all. At first, I did visit the bathroom a little more regularly but I did not have diarrhea which can be a side effect of taking probiotics. What I love most about this supplement is that the acidophilus probiotic has helped me tremendously with digestion issues as well as helping with the prevention of yeast infections.

Since I have a sinusitis issue, every now and then when I get a bad flare up I have to go on antibiotics. The trouble is that antibiotics can upset the natural balance of bacteria in the female reproductive organs which can lead to a yeast overgrowth. The result is usually a yeast infection…..not nice! But with my use of the Level Thrive supplements, I have not had even one yeast infection even though I took a course of antibiotics recently! Which is just fabulous!

But what has me really amazed and excited about this Level Thrive supplement with acidophilus probiotic is that for the first time in years, I was able to eat a simple cheese sandwich without suffering from severe headaches and bloating. I am so thrilled about this because I love cheese. However, over the years, I have had to just sit and watch others enjoy their cheese meals while I only wished I could eat cheese without suffering. I took a chance and had a cheese sandwich for lunch yesterday and I am so happy to report that I have had no negative reactions! Absolutely none! No bloating, no headaches, no stuffiness, no mucous build up, nothing. Clearly the acidophilus probiotic in the supplement is helping me to better digest lactose since I am woefully lactose-intolerant. Nevertheless, I will not be abusing the issue. I know that I shouldn’t really have dairy products but thanks to my Level Thrive supplements, I CAN now have the occasional cheese treat. Yessssss!

L. Acidophilus is found naturally in the alimentary tract and helps to suppress the growth of pathogens and to maintain a proper balance of bacteria and yeast in the body. So products that contain live cultures of L. acidophilus can help to regulate the environment in the gut when taken orally. This is very important to our health since most of the immune system is contained in the gut. If things are out of balance in the gut, the body’s capacity to fight infections and diseases may be severely impaired. The more balanced the environment in your gut, the better your immune system works.

So what’s the big deal with acidophilus probiotic in Level Thrive supplements? For one, the probiotics help to prevent yeast infections. Two, the probiotics help to maintain good digestion and thirdly, probiotics help with the digestion of lactose. That’s 3 the hard way guys! I love it!

Until next time, stay healthy 🙂

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Why I Started Taking Level Thrive Supplements

What can Thrive do for you?For those of you who know me, you know that I absolutely hate taking any type of pills or tablets. And I have lived the greater part of my life without taking any type of nutrition supplement including multivitamins. But as I get older, I realize that I have been robbing myself of the benefits that nutrition supplements can provide.

I have always been an active person and I have always had some type of exercise routine going on even if I have not always been consistent. But I have always placed a high value on exercise and I exercise not only for the physical benefits but also for the health benefits. However, as I got older I realized that I was not able to exercise the same way that I used to when I was younger. My joints would ache whenever I attempted certain aerobic exercises and I would find that I would get tired much more easily. While I have resisted taking nutrition supplements because I was of the impression that as long as I exercise and eat right that I should not have the need for supplements, I fooled myself into believing that nutrition supplements were unnecessary.

However, the fact is that I don’t always eat right and because of that my body doesn’t always get the nutrition that it needs for me to remain in optimal health. And even though I fooled myself into thinking that where I fall down in nutrition, I can make up for in exercise, my body let me know that I was wrong. When I started getting diminishing returns from my ramped-up exercise efforts, I realized that something was wrong.

My workouts were harder and more strenuous, yet I was getting fewer and fewer results. Little did I realize that when I exercised vigorously, my muscles were being torn down. But I did not have sufficient protein in my diet to build back my muscles sufficiently. So the result was basically the slow atrophy (break down) of my muscles. Which meant a lower metabolism, which meant weight gain, which meant stress which meant declining health. According to the experts, women in the age group 19 to 70 years need an average of 46 grams of protein per day. And trust me, the majority of women don’t get half that much from our daily diets. In fact, 30 grams of protein is the equivalent of 5 hard-boiled eggs or 7 thick slices of bacon. Here is a protein infographic from Daily Burn that shows what 25 grams of protein looks like.

What should be noted is that it would take almost 2 times these amounts to get the full daily requirement of protein from your diet alone. I can’t imagine myself eating that much eggs in one day…I hardly want to eat 2 eggs per day much less 8! And I am certain that the average woman would share similar sentiments. The best way to get all the protein that your body needs, as well as all the vitamins and minerals needed for the day, is to take a nutrition supplement.

Why you need a protein supplement

Not only was I not getting sufficient protein in my diet but I was also not getting adequate vitamins or minerals either. I woke up and realized this when I was not able to function like I used to. I had less energy but was working out more. I was getting colds more often and the more I worked out the more I would get colds or sinusitis flare ups. That is when I finally decided to take my husband’s advice and start taking a dietary nutrition supplement.

My supplements of choice were the Level Thrive nutrition supplements. The package consists of a 3 step program that includes taking two premium lifestyle capsules first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, then the premium lifestyle shake mix 20 minutes later, followed by the application of the Thrive DFT patch to clean skin. It is a simple process and it has made a world of difference to how I feel and to my general health and well-being.

At first I just started out with the Thrive DFT patches alone because like I said, I hate taking pills. And while I did get some results, it was not enough. I did get a big boost to my energy levels and I did get a mood boost as well. In addition, the Thrive patches helped to curb my carbohydrate cravings and caused me to drink more water.

But I still was not getting enough protein and I was still lacking in essential vitamins and minerals since I was not taking a multi-vitamin. The Thrive premium lifestyle capsules serve as a multivitamin for me and they help me to get all the nutrients that I don’t get from the food that I eat. They also come chock full of antioxidants and anti-aging substances that help me to stay young and fresh.

When all these are added to my daily routine, the result is improved health and well being. I only regret that I took so long to start giving my body the nutrition that it needs. While I can’t have as much of the protein shake mix as I would like to because of lactose intolerance, I still benefit tremendously from using the premium lifestyle capsules and the Thrive DFT patches alone.

All in all I can truly say that I have moved past living to really ‘thrivin and I love every minute of it.  I am thankful to Level for their breakthrough innovation in putting together this simple 3 step system to help people like me to not only look better but feel better as well. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT LEVEL THRIVE NUTRITION SUPPLEMENTS.

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Do Level Thrive Products Really Work?

Have you heard about Level Thrive? Level is the name of the company in North America that has launched a series of products under the “Thrive” name brand. The product line includes a range of health related products including their flagship 3 step weight management system. This system is designed to help persons with weight management support, cognitive performance, mental accuity, and mood elevation.

The 3 step system includes the Premium Lifestyle capsules that should be taken first thing in the morning before starting your daily activities. They use a naturopathic formula of vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics and amino acids specially formulated to support a healthy lifestyle. These are available in both male and female formulas.

Thrive Capsules for Men
Thrive Premium Lifestyle Capsules for Men
Thrive Premium Lifestyle Capsules for Women
Thrive Premium Lifestyle Capsules for Women

Then there is the Thrive Premium Lifestyle Shake Mix which is an ultra micronized protein shake that provides lean muscle support and helps in weight management.

Thrive Premium Lifestyle Shake MixThe final product in the 3 step system is the Thrive DFT patch which is a patch that is placed on clean skin. It helps with mental clarity, helps to curb food cravings and helps to elevate the mood. The patch is available in a range of colors including green, blue, purple, and now available in black. The patch is the first weight management product of its kind that works through dermafusion technology. This simply means that it works by infusing nutrients into the bloodstream through the skin rather than by mouth.

Level DFT Patch
DFT Level Patch on upper arm “Hey girl you Thrivin?

 There are some who have been questioning whether these Thrive products work or not and whether the whole thing is a scam or not. Well, do the products work or not? The answer is that the products work for some people and they don’t work for some. This is not something that should raise any alarms. Neither should it be something that makes people ask whether it is a scam or not. The fact is that with every single product, not just Thrive products, there are some people who will get great results, and others will get no results. All I know is that there are several persons who have been having excellent results with Thrive products. You just need to go to Level’s Facebook page to see the scores of testimonies from people who are “Thrivin and achieving their health goals with these great products.

There are some things that you need to consider when evaluating weight loss products. Firstly, you need to first of all get the okay from your doctor before taking any type of product into your body. This is to prevent yourself from taking something that includes substances that you may be allergic to or that may react badly with any medications that you may be taking. This is a must for everybody.

Secondly, there is a reason why the manufacturer includes instructions on the package. These should be followed as recommended by the manufacturer if you intend to obtain the results that you are looking for. There are persons who skip some of the steps and then complain that they are not achieving any results. The fact is that the product was created in 3 steps that are designed to complement each other and work together to bring about the desired results. If you deviate from the 3 steps, you will not achieve the maximum results.

Thirdly, when embarking upon any weight management program, it is best to incorporate exercise into the mix. Exercise helps to keep your blood circulating properly and helps your organs to function optimally. Without exercise, you may lose weight but you will not achieve optimum health. Weight management products are designed to support your healthy lifestyle, not to replace exercise. Every good weight management program incorporates a suitable exercise routine.

Finally, bear in mind that it takes time for your body to adjust to new products and each person’s body responds at a different rate. There are some persons on Thrive who have seen results from day 1 and there are others who took weeks before they started seeing results. Each experience is different and you should avoid comparing yourself with the next person since each body is different.

The best way to find out if Thrive products work or not is to try them for yourself after you have received your doctor’s go ahead. If you have challenges with losing weight, mental clarity, food cravings or mood problems, you should give Thrive a try.

I can assure you that it is NOT a scam. I have used these products myself, and like some of you, I was not using the products right when I first started and so I was not achieving the desired results. In fact, I started off using the patch alone and instead of wearing it as described, I would only keep it on for 12 hours per day. Added to that, I was not drinking enough water while I was using the patch. So, my results were not what I wanted. I even put the patches away and decided that they did not work. However, I decided to give the system a second try when I just got fed up with having little energy and with joint aches whenever I would do certain exercises. This time around however, I decided to follow all the instructions and to do the full program as prescribed. The only tweak that I made was to not include the protein mix since I am lactose intolerant. However, I have still achieved amazing results and for the first time in more than 2 decades, my waist measurement is at only 29 inches! I am so excited about this. No matter what I tried previously, my waist would simply not budge. Thrive products have helped me to push pass that to go on to numbers that I never thought I would ever see again. In fact, the last time my waist measured 29 inches, I was in 7th grade at high school!

So is Thrive a scam? The answer is absolutely NOT! It is a legitimate, workable weight management system that can help you to reach levels of health and fitness that you have only dreamed of before. After 3 babies, I never thought my waist would shrink below 31 inches. But I was wrong, so wrong! I am thrivin!

Take the Thrive 8 Week Experience.