loving my natural hair
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Loving My Natural Tresses

loving my natural hair
Cheeeezzzzz! It’s a Kodak moment!

It’s been four (4) whole years since I last applied relaxers to my hair. My journey has been one of many ups and downs but there is nothing that could make me go back to the creamy crack right now. I must admit that I have been tempted to along the way but when I really think about it, I always end up preferring to keep my natural hair. And here is why I love my natural hair so much.

  1. I love the way my natural hair feels – Yep, I  absolutely love the way my natural hair feels in my hands. I love the thickness and the “life” that I feel whenever I touch my tresses. I get that feeling of good health and vitality and strength especially when I wash my hair. It just feels good to feel the thickness as I run my hands through while cleaning each section. I can’t really find the right words to explain the feeling but those of you who wash your own natural hair may be able to relate to what I’m saying. You have to experience this feeling for yourself to know exactly what I am talking about.
  2. I love the way my natural hair looks – I hate seeing thin, limpless hair. I love to see hair with body and lots of life and bounce. That’s how my hair looks these days and I am so happy for this. I have naturally thick hair but when I used to relax it, there were times that I couldn’t even tell that my hair was thick. It had become thin and damaged and the ends were stringy and limp. I hated seeing my hair that way. Since I’ve embraced my natural hair once again, I have my thickness back. It’s funny how people used to make fun of thick hair when I was a child. It was the worst thing to have thick hair because it meant broken combs, painful detangling sessions, fear of wash days and teasing from schoolmates. Nowadays, having thick natural hair is something to be desired. Just like how thick lips used to be scorned and now everybody wants thicker lips. Thank God I have these naturally! And that I have learned to appreciate myself the way God made me.
  3. I love the natural hair compliments that I receive – Yesterday I received what I consider the best compliment that a natural sister can get. A sister who was wearing a blonde wig smiled and told me that she loved my hair. I was flattered. It felt truly good to hear those words coming from someone who wasn’t natural herself. And I now receive compliments about my hair on a regular basis. I really appreciate these compliments because God knows that I have put lots of effort into getting my hair in the shape that it is now in. For a very long time in my natural hair journey I struggled with dryness and breakage. I couldn’t figure out why my hair was breaking so badly and I spent several months trying to get my hair back. Because I had been creaming my hair for so long, I really didn’t know how to take care of my natural hair. Now I know so much more. Experience is the greatest teacher.
  4. I love the health of my natural hair – It is true. A woman’s hair is her glory. If her hair doesn’t look good, she doesn’t feel good. And for your hair to look good, it must be healthy. Once upon a time, I would trade health for length but not anymore. The most important thing for me is to have a healthy head of hair on my head regardless of the length. If it’s short, it can be healthy. If it’s long, it can be healthy. Although I have had to sacrifice length for health, I am still happy. Now that I know what it takes to keep my hair looking healthy, maybe I can now focus a little more on length. Then again, if it’s healthy, it’s likely to get longer without me even trying. So maybe I won’t worry about length too much.

Wearing my hair in its natural state makes me feel good. It makes me look good and I feel comfortable with what God blessed me with. I no longer have the urge to alter the chemical makeup of my hair. I like it just the way it is. Naturally :)!


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