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30 Days No Wheat Fast – Day #4

wheat belly tiredI can safely say that the wheat that I ate in that cake yesterday, affected me negatively this morning. When I got up this morning I was still tired and felt like I hadn’t slept all night. I yawned uncontrollably all morning. In addition, I had huge dark circles around my eyes from the lack of sleep.

There was nothing that I did differently to account for this adverse reaction other than eat a lot of wheat. My husband and I would usually treat ourselves to generous servings of black forest cake on Saturday nights. Whenever we would do so, I would always feel very tired in the morning and would usually end up waking up very late on a Sunday morning. This is exactly how I felt this morning. It has to be the wheat that was causing me to feel so tired like I hadn’t slept for an entire 24 hours.

Anyway, I fought the sleepy feeling because I had work that I needed to get done. The rest of the day went quite well. I managed to go for the entire day without eating any wheat and I am really happy that I managed to do so. I didn’t do my workout today but I will make up for it before the week ends.

For breakfast I had oats porridge sprinkled with ripe banana cubes. I had instant chocolate for my beverage.

For lunch I had stew chicken, steamed callaloo and rice and peas. I forgot to take out the kidney beans since they don’t work well with my blood type. I will remember that next time. For a beverage, I had pineapple flavoured Tang.

Dinner was wonderful and I had stew chicken, boiled yellow yam and steamed pak choi. All in all I did get a good amount of veggies in today. And the fact they they were dark green and leafy means that they were choc full of all the right nutrients.

I am beginning to wonder how I am going to manage eating out with wheat restrictions. The Jamaican diet is largely comprised of wheat products in the form of flour. Not to mention that I normally tend to go straight for burgers when I need to grab something to eat on the road. I guess, I will have to have the burger meat without having the buns if push comes to shove. I should be attending a function soon and I really wonder how I’m going to resist the usual pastry  hors douvres  (did I spell that right?). Whatever happens, I have made up my mind that I will not eat wheat voluntarily except in dire circumstances. Lord, help me!

Until next time, take care 😉

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