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Acidophilus Probiotic in Level Thrive – What’s the Big Deal?

Level Thrive supplement
Level Thrive Premium Lifestyle Capsules containing acidophilus probiotic

Hey girls and guys! As you know I am on my mission to be fit and fabulous and I have recently rediscovered acidophilus probiotic in Level Thrive Premium Lifestyle capsules for Women. I was first introduced to acidophilus probiotic some years ago when I was looking for a good multivitamin. After some searching, I bought a multivitamin with probiotics at a local pharmacy and proceeded to take them as prescribed. Unfortunately, I did not like the results that I got from using that particular multivitamin. I found myself constantly constipated and nothing that I did seemed to relieve the problem. So as you probably guessed, I gave up on them.

Those of you who know me know that I don’t take pills unless I have to and so I was off multivitamins for a while. However, my body would not make me get away with that for too long as I began to feel constantly tired even in the morning after awakening from at least 6 hours of sleep. I eventually gave in a started taking Level Thrive products based on my husband’s recommendations and his high regard for the quality of the products. As you can imagine, I was a bit reluctant to take the Premium Lifestyle capsules for Women because they contain probiotics including L. acidophilus. I was afraid that I would have the same reaction that I did with the other brand that I had first tried.

To my surprise, I absolutely love the Level Thrive supplement for women! I have been using it for several weeks and I have not had any constipation issues as at all. At first, I did visit the bathroom a little more regularly but I did not have diarrhea which can be a side effect of taking probiotics. What I love most about this supplement is that the acidophilus probiotic has helped me tremendously with digestion issues as well as helping with the prevention of yeast infections.

Since I have a sinusitis issue, every now and then when I get a bad flare up I have to go on antibiotics. The trouble is that antibiotics can upset the natural balance of bacteria in the female reproductive organs which can lead to a yeast overgrowth. The result is usually a yeast infection…..not nice! But with my use of the Level Thrive supplements, I have not had even one yeast infection even though I took a course of antibiotics recently! Which is just fabulous!

But what has me really amazed and excited about this Level Thrive supplement with acidophilus probiotic is that for the first time in years, I was able to eat a simple cheese sandwich without suffering from severe headaches and bloating. I am so thrilled about this because I love cheese. However, over the years, I have had to just sit and watch others enjoy their cheese meals while I only wished I could eat cheese without suffering. I took a chance and had a cheese sandwich for lunch yesterday and I am so happy to report that I have had no negative reactions! Absolutely none! No bloating, no headaches, no stuffiness, no mucous build up, nothing. Clearly the acidophilus probiotic in the supplement is helping me to better digest lactose since I am woefully lactose-intolerant. Nevertheless, I will not be abusing the issue. I know that I shouldn’t really have dairy products but thanks to my Level Thrive supplements, I CAN now have the occasional cheese treat. Yessssss!

L. Acidophilus is found naturally in the alimentary tract and helps to suppress the growth of pathogens and to maintain a proper balance of bacteria and yeast in the body. So products that contain live cultures of L. acidophilus can help to regulate the environment in the gut when taken orally. This is very important to our health since most of the immune system is contained in the gut. If things are out of balance in the gut, the body’s capacity to fight infections and diseases may be severely impaired. The more balanced the environment in your gut, the better your immune system works.

So what’s the big deal with acidophilus probiotic in Level Thrive supplements? For one, the probiotics help to prevent yeast infections. Two, the probiotics help to maintain good digestion and thirdly, probiotics help with the digestion of lactose. That’s 3 the hard way guys! I love it!

Until next time, stay healthy 🙂

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